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The first BSA Owner's Club of New England meeting, Larz Anderson Park, Brookline, Mass. 1978. From the left, Bert McCLure, Phil DeLuca. Pete Disson, Bill Litant's A10GF (he was taking the photo), Bob Ford, Dave Wallace, Goodie Goodwin

The BSA Owners’ Club of New England was the first all-model BSA owners club in the United States. The BSAOCNE was founded in 1978 by a group of American members of the British BSAOC. Other U.S. clubs quickly followed including the Ohio Valley, and the Northern and Southern California clubs.

The BSAOCNE is the sponsor of the now legendary Annual British Motorcycle Meet™. Ten people attended the first meet, held in 1979 in the parking lot of the old Triumph of Wellesley during a torrential rainstorm. Today, held in Lancaster, Massachusetts, the Annual British Meet is the oldest U.S. British-only meet.

In its earlier days, the BSAOCNE was primarily concerned with sponsoring rides and meets. Today, the club concentrates on the Annual British Meet.